Meet the MSC Divina

Prepare to be inspired by the dazzling MSC Divina, the newest star in the MSC Cruises fleet. Sailing to the Caribbean year-round from Port Miami, the MSC Divina is one of the world’s largest ships, filled with new features, including The Def Leppard Yacht Club—approximately 50 luxury suites with their own private lounge, swimming pool, restaurant, sun deck and more. The spa’s well-being center has a thermal cave and therapy pool for relaxation plus more treatments, massages and pampering than you can imagine. The children’s play area includes a swimming pool with waterslide. Movies are shown in an interactive “4-D” cinema. To test your driving skills, there are Formula 1 simulators. Unusual for a cruise ship, there is also a squash court plus a sports court. In summary, some of the most fantastic amenities on the water!!

The interior decor blends art deco and art nouveau touches with the authentic Italian designs for which other MSC Cruises ships are known. The extensive use of various colored marbles adds a luxurious quality to the traditionally styled public lounges.

MSC Cruises has always been sensitive to environmental issues, and the MSC Divina is on the cutting edge ecologically. They are equipped with the most innovative technological systems to guarantee savings in energy and protection of the environment.

In terms of entertainment, the MSC Divina has the largest theater afloat with a sound system that blows away any other music cruise vessel on the planet! She also is the home of the world’s largest shipboard pool stage, blowing away the competition. In addition, the aft stage and multiple acoustic stages round out the finest rock cruise venue on the seven seas! Sorry, but the fact is that the MSC Divina is now the standard by which all others are compared…it’s all about the music!!

The MSC Divina

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